"A Grateful Heart is the Beginning of Greatness"

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

A displaced Yemeni family sit outside their tent at the Dharawan settlement, Sana’a, Yemen, May 2017, © UNHCR/Mohammed Hamoud

Today while walking out of the subway I (somehow) hit my shin on one of the subway stairs. This was enough to send me into a tailspin:

I sat down on the N train and immediately whipped out my phone while nursing my throbbing shin. I started sifting through my emails, falling deeper into a rut.

"I'm not making enough money."

"I don't have the resources I need for success."

etc. etc. etc.

Then I read this article and learned:

"More than two thirds of an estimated 2.7 million internally displaced people (IDPs) have been living in displacement for more than two years. Many of them fled to safer parts of the country and have by now depleted all their resources."

I have a home. I am safe. All the resources I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle are at my fingertips.

I am so lucky. Personal obstacles are, of course, challenging and valid, but amidst a world full of struggle maintaining perspective and practicing gratefulness is key to being an informed citizen and ally to those who are less privileged.

My takeaway today is that yes, I will absolutely have a bruise the size of Mount Everest on my shin, but there are much bigger problems in the world.

We must ask ourselves what we can do to help.

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